Fishing Republic teamed up with BagUpTV presenter, Dave, to test out the new Mainline Luncheon Meat on his local pond Newbiggin in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

    The Mainline Match Luncheon Meat is quite simply like no other, raising the bar with attraction levels, colour and flavour options – all combined into a Luncheon Meat produced at the perfect texture for a multitude of fishing bait presentations!

    Available in 6 unique flavours:

    Spicy Meat – Brown

    Scopex Pineapple – Yellow

    Halibut – Green

    Betaine Enhanced – Neutral

    Activ-8 – Orange

    Strawberry – Red

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    There are many methods when it comes to bait delivery - catapult, bait boats, throwing sticks etc. We are all aware that each method has its place and limits in carp fishing, which is why there are different variants. Personally, I prefer a spomb, but what about the times when you want a scattering of bait at range?

    Well, TF Gear have you sorted on that with the new Airbomb. It looks like a traditional spomb, but the bait is released when you hit the line quick in flight, rather than when it hits the water. The idea is when you hit the clip, the tension on the spomb causes it to open in flight. This means bait will travel further than your clipped distance and bait will scatter. Don’t worry if you don’t hit the clip because the Airbomb can only open when there is tension, not when it hits the water. With this in mind, there’s no worry about unwanted baited spots. Not only does the bait scatter, the air bomb will fall short of your baited area. Theoretically there should be no disturbance from a diving nuke crashing and foaming up the lake. Remember this is for distance scattering where catapults just won’t cut it for reaching great distances.


    The construction is great - It’s strong and compared to the spomb the plastic overall is a lot stronger and more robust. The fill area is between a medium to large spomb and its enough space for two handfuls of boilies. The setup is quite simple - just attach the supplied leader to the spomb using the quick ring and tie your mainline to the big rig at the other end. With a soft pull of the leader the bomb will open allowing you to then fill with bait, close it up and slide the Airbomb up towards the bigger ring and hook the Airbomb onto the ring. When this is casted you will hit the clip and the bomb will slip off the ring, causing the leader to pull tight and open up. The ring basically stops the bomb opening up when loading up on a cast.

    Practice is needed (for me anyway)! I found a few times the rig just slipped off on the cast and the bomb opened up behind me. I’d recommend you practice first before plastering the bank and bivvy in corn and boilies! Once mastered I was able to bait up my spot with minimal disturbance. What I did find was the more power you put in, the further the bait would travel on release, so I was able to bait up at least 5 meters ahead of when I hit the clip. In flight it travels like a concord - no weird spiralling antics! It was very streamlined and did what it was supposed to.

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    So final thoughts! If you need to be spreading bait at distance beyond a catapult range then it’s perfect! for any short-range work it’s not needed, so that’s where there is a time and place for the Airbomb. As I said it can be a bit fiddly so it’s not for everyone and over time you will most likely be able to get it loaded and flung out in no time. Well worth a look at and you’re getting a well-constructed bomb which looks to be something that will last a long time.

     Tight Lines,

    Ricky Davies

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