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Carp Furniture & Chairs

Going fishing? There is always a balance to be struck between taking the right amount of equipment and furniture with you. Feeling fidgety? Fishing can sometimes involve staying in the same pot for a little while until you get some luck; with the right chair, you won’t need to get up and move around as much. These specialist fishing seats come with essential lumbar support, luxury padding and a supportive headrest. Getting sleepy? Some of these deluxe chairs can be folded out into a stand-up flat-profile beds with a sleeping bag inside. Able to be packed down to a compact size, the fishing bedchairs are easy to transport and won’t see you sleeping rough for the night. Whether you like to fish in the height of summer, spring, autumn or winter, choose a 4-season sleeping bagsfor your tent or bivvy. Enjoy a refreshing snooze after a long day out on the lake or riverbank and wake up on right next to a freshwater lake.

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