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An essential part of the Fishing Republic service is the care and attention we give to our customers. The customer service we provide is just as important to us as the products and brands that we offer for sale. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to provide the highest level of service and our ethos is to ensure the journey, from ordering through to receipt of goods, along with any contact made, is a positive one of the highest standards.

Our team are an incredibly energetic and diverse bunch, so we thought we’d delve behind the scenes and introduce you to some of them.

lee-hughes lee-hughes

Lee Hughes - Customer Service Manager

“For me it’s all about the customer-centric approach and providing a positive experience for each and every one of our customers. When people think of Fishing Republic I want them to think of the great service provided, as well as the great products on offer.”

Lee joined the Management Team as Head of Customer Services in April 2018. He has spent 15 years working in leading positions, across a wide range of sectors and brings a wealth of experience and customer service skills to Fishing Republic. Having previously been the Operations Director for a national service provider which regularly dealt with many thousands of customers, he has excellent knowledge and expertise in making sure excellent customer service is delivered.

Lee is responsible for ensuring that Fishing Republic customers receive a truly exceptional service, and his philosophy and approach places our customer requirements right at the centre, the driving force in everything we do and look to do in Customer Services.

lee-hughes lee-hughes

Heather Haigh - Customer Service Advisor

Heather became a member of the team in October 2017. Her friendly customer support approach ensures that she is always keen to assist with any kind of enquiry and provide a positive experience to customers. This then goes hand in hand with her familiarity of our products to ensure full understanding of any questions our customers may make contact about.


lee-hughes lee-hughes

Christopher Legdon - Customer Service Advisor

Chris joined in March 2018 bringing his sociable and helpful personality to the team. This is now regularly commented on by customers who enjoy his friendly assistance when contacting Customer Services. He is a keen match fisherman and has excellent product knowledge which enables him to give advice to customers when required.