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When you're on the bank coarse fishing, your fishing seat box is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will have with you, Not only does it allow you to relax and be comfortable on your peg it is the base station of your whole setup! You can use your seat box to store your terminal tackle to avoid bringing excess baggage on your trips, you can use it to hold your bait and depending on the brand of seat box you go for you can attach a huge range of attachments, this is ranging from rod rests to clamp on side trays. A fishing seat box is typically made up of several drawers which are generally used to store terminal tackle such as Winders, Floats, Hooks and any other items that you find yourself using often! There are normally only two sizes of drawer available, they are 30mm and 60mm, and that would be the depth of the drawer. As mentioned eariler the other key role of a fishing seat box is to provide you with comfort while you are waiting for your next bite, some are comfier than others with the likes of Guru and Map's offerings being our favourites at Fishing Republic.

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