Feeder Rods

feeder rod

Feeder rods are one of the most popular type of rods in this day and age of fishing, They are sometimes also known as quiver tip rods and rarely used term leger rods. The purpose of a feeder rod is to fish with bait at the bottom of the water, this way you do not need to use a float. Feeder rods are often used to target commerical carp along with a huge range of other bottom feeding fish. Feeder rods often come with serveral different tips to match your casting weight at the time, this makes them very versatile allowing you to fish a variaty of waters, The rods length could also vary from around 9ft to 12ft allowing you to fish a far or up close depending on where you are fishing at the time. We stock a wide range of feeder rods from brands such as Matrix, Daiwa, Guru and Shakespeare!

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