Carp Reels

carp reels

Are you looking for some carp reels to go with your new set of rods? There are many things to consider when buying a carp reel as there are many variations and differences to each reel. With carp reels you will find that they are all made different each brand you look at, for example they will all be made from different materials and have different weights and sizes, The ideal carp reel would be light weight and be very durable ready for when you hook the huge carp you are looking for! As with all disciplines of fishing there are many sizes of reels the biggest being your big pit reels going all the way up to a 14000 from Shimano, You will need to take size in to account based on the waters you will be fishing, For example if you are doing long distance casting you will definitely need a big pit reel. We stock a huge range of carp reels from all the huge brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Sonik and Fox!

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