Carp Bait

carp bait

When it comes to catching carp, even most experienced angler is only as good as their bait. Every venue is different, however, which is why we stock a wide variety of carp bait, including baits such as Boilies, Wafters, Pop ups, Korda Goo and more more. If you're just starting out carp fishing it can be quite intimidating the amount of different baits available, The most common type of bait for catching carp is the boilie, a boilie is a small round piece of bait that is packed full of flavours and additives to try and entice carp to come and have a bite, because boilies are so compact they are great for keeping in the water for a long time as they generally retain their shape and form for a good few hours! You can get both shelf life and frozen boilies, Frozen is preferred amongst most anglers as they generally contain more fresh ingredients which is why they will be frozen to keep them ready to use on the bank. Matched with a good groundbait you will be in with a good chance of landing a catch, Groundbaits are made up from ingredients such as breadcrumb, oils, and seed. You can buy these premixed or you can simply buy a bag to mix up yourself on the bank so it is nice and fresh.

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