I’ve been on the bank over the past few weeks testing out the rod bag and carryall set by Theseus. First off, I personally feel this is aimed towards the beginner angler, but there’s nothing stopping an old timer getting the same out of it. You’re looking at an affordable matching rod and carryall set to get you on the bank for a day’s fishing, with the much-needed features for housing your tackle and making sure your rods and reels are safe and secure. Theseus have you sorted! Through fighting to access overgrown swims, rolling down the river banks and long walks, this set has been put through its paces in such a small time and I’m in the ready position to give my honest review.

Theseus Rod Bag

The first item of the set is the rod bag. It can hold up to three 12ft made up rods to make your angling easier and allows you to get the rods out fishing within seconds. All three rod butts slot into their own compartments and the cord stitched inside the bag will ensure your rods are in place and secure. With the additional protection of the nylon padding you can be sure your rods are safe.

The bag has a bigger area of space for where your reels will be sat which is also well-padded to protect the reels in transit. Each reel is in a separate compartment to reduce the risk of bashing each other and bail arms getting tangled. These little features really help when you want your rods to stay in position and reduce clattering.  

On the outside of the rod bag you have two compartments - one bigger than the other. The big one can hold a fold away net / pole or umbrella and the smaller of the two will cater for bank sticks and a weighing sling. The compartments are secured using a flap and buckle clips, so nothing will fall out on your walk or barrow journey to the bank. Speaking of walking, you have the options of using the small carry handle or an adjustable over the shoulder strap to make carrying this bag a lot easier. However, remember it’s a three-rod bag, plus the extras in the outer pockets so it can be heavy depending on your rod setup. As a result, it is suited to use on a barrow or over short distances. It is a brute of a rod bag compared to a quiver style system.  

Theseus Rod Bag Theseus Rod Bag
Theseus Rod Bag Theseus Rod Bag

Theseus Carryall Bag

Just like the rod bag the carryall also features the same materials used, keeping in with the style and creating this perfectly matching luggage set. On the outside of the bag you have two zipped side pockets, ideal for storing things such as scales, carp care kits etc. There is also a larger front pocket with a mesh compartment. The larger compartment will easily store a tackle box, preferably one of the flat ones and a few extra bits. The mesh is another nice feature which I personally used to store my phone, wallet, and keys. Inside the bag is a main compartment and another section divided off. This is really good if you want to keep your food separate from your fishing tackle and bait, unless you like a maggot sandwich?! The main compartment will hold some bait and your tackle, or if you want it can make an ideal bag for storing clothing for that over night session or those dirty waders. The bag is not completely ridged so it allows for movement and over-filling, as the bag moulds around objects giving you more room. All compartments are zipped and secure and you have a choice of carry handle or padded shoulder strap for easy carrying

Theseus Carryall Bag Theseus Carryall Bag
Theseus Carryall Bag Theseus Carryall Bag

Final Thoughts

So, for the price it’s a good buy and I personally would recommend this to any new angler looking for a luggage set to get them started. It features all the required elements to get your gear down to the bank easily and safely and will store all your essentials for a days fishing. It’s the perfect luggage set for any angler on a budget.

Tight Lines

Ricky Davies